Absolute comfort in the wild

Welcome to the Tortilis experience, our Tortilis Camps style provides you with the greatest comfort to make your trip to the wild bush nothing but pure joy. When it comes to a collection of unforgettable North Tanzanian adventures, we deliver. Our passion and experience are shared through the most friendly staff in the most exquisite locations.

From wide open savannah safaris in the Serengeti; to the surreal spectacle of the Ngorongoro Crater, the grand expanse of Lake Manyara or the bright stary skies of Tarangire, we’ll cater for your every need. Let your senses come alive to the spectacles you’ve dreamed of from a bush bound holiday.

Camp Locations

Our Tortilis Camps are supremely positioned for complete privacy in pristine locations. The four camps connect perfectly to deliver uniquely comprehensive itineraries.


Every visit to the Tortilis Camps is guaranteed to leave you with a rich new chapter in your life and stories to tell. We love to share the colourful adventures of life in and around the Tortilis Camps.