The African bush provides some of the most photogenic scenes in the world. The allure of such natural beauty and uninterrupted wild game in vast landscapes devoid of fencing brings the best photographers of wildlife to our Tortilis Camps. The beauty of visiting the area is that you quickly become a part of this rich tapestry of life yourself. Our gallery images will take you through a journey of what you can look forward to from a Tortilis Camps experience.

The views from the crater rim over the salt lake filled with flamingos.

Our unique camp created right in the centre of an acacia tree forest.

Tents tucked into the magical forest setting.

Ngorongoro Crater, like an amphitheatre of the world.

Our camp is just 21km from the crater rim.

The comfort of the bathroom area with all amenities.

The Maasai will guide you on a hike up Mount Makarot.

A photogenic Candelabrum tree at dusk.

A grand old bull elephant enjoys the sweet grass of the crater floor.

There is magic under the canopy of the acacia trees.

A glorious hippo-filled watering hole in the Ngorongoro crater.

East African cuisine on the menu, and delicious.

Your roomy tent becomes a comforting space.

There’s always a panoramic view, a short drive from camp.

The surreal vibrancy of lush green engulfs the camp.

The lounge area to relax in with books and games.

A multitude of characters to meet on every game drive.

The camp watering hole, a welcoming place for a drink.