The African bush provides some of the most photogenic scenes in the world. The allure of such natural beauty and uninterrupted wild game in vast landscapes devoid of fencing brings the best photographers of wildlife to our Tortilis Camps. The beauty of visiting the area is that you quickly become a part of this rich tapestry of life yourself. Our gallery images will take you through a journey of what you can look forward to from a Tortilis Camps experience.

Arriving is always a warm, welcoming affair.

Yes! You can stretch your legs with an exhilarating run.

A magical dinner under a starlit African sky .

A unique tented camp creation set amongst the Baobab

The uplifting majesty of a Baobab.

Thousands of elephant roam Tarangire.

Relaxing around the campfire (bush television) at sunset.

Enjoy creative meals filled with flavor and color.

Your tents entrance room - the perfect relaxation space.

Plan an outing with our experienced driver guides.

Elephants seem to be everywhere and they're very social.

The perfect bush-view from your bed.

Plan an outing with our experienced driver guides.

Sumptuous dinners, thanks to our talented chef.

The central mess tent has so much to offer.

Our evening campfires create a strong African atmosphere.

Early morning sunrises are always worth the effort.

Slip into a timeless space, shared with these humble