5 Tips For Getting the most out of your Serengeti Game Drive

5 Tips For Getting the most out of your Serengeti Game Drive


There is so much to see in the 14,700 square kilometers of the Serengeti National Park it’s no wonder so many guests come back again and again to revisit the opportunity to see even more of this incredible land. No matter what time of the year you visit this sought after bush experience, you’re in for a wild treat.

Make the Most of It

Here are some tips to get the most out of those long game driving days in the bush:

  • Catch The Worm

Just as the saying goes, ‘the early bird catches the worm’. Waking before the sunrises for an early breakfast is challenging for those who like to sleep in, but the benefits are always worth the effort. Soft early light from the sunrise creates beautiful silhouettes of the acacia trees. Look out for a tree on the horizon and then ask your driver guide to place the car in the best position to get the perfect shot.

  • Dawn Life

The big cats, to conserve energy, are mostly active at night and if you’re up early enough there is more chance of catching them still searching for prey or enjoying the spoils of a successful night on the prowl. Just because it is dark does not mean you shouldn’t have your camera ready. Adjust your camera settings for shots in the dark before you go to bed the night before so you are ready to pick up and shoot when you see a worthy site.

  • Be On Standby

When you are travelling on a game drive, make sure you have binoculars and cameras ready. Some sightings can appear in a flash. A bird ready to take flight or a leopard walking into the long grass might only be in sight for a brief moment. Have your gear comfortably ready to optimize the incredible game viewing opportunities.

  • Sunset Timing

Sunsets in the bush are mystical experiences packed full of nostalgia and a moment to pause and reflect on what will undoubtedly have been an eventful day in the Serengeti National Park. If you are on a drive, make sure you have spoken to your driver guide to time the drive back to the Serengeti Tortilis Camp so that you get to a good vantage point for sunset on the way. And if you are back at Serengeti Tortilis Camp already, speak to the manager to arrange the best sunset opportunity.

  • Good Conversation

A driver guide will give adequate pointers to his guests, but the more you ask, the more they’ll offer. The Tortilis Camps driver guides have a lot of experience and love to share it with you. At dinner after the drive, you can encourage the driver guide to join you and recap the days experience while getting another chance to ask questions that escaped you in the excitement of the day.

To book a driver guide for the bush drive part of the Tortilis Experience, get in touch with our booking team.